Each of our Synod’s four Designated Committees is comprised of seven members; therefore, all twenty-eight commissioners are asked to serve on one of the committees. The purpose and general responsibilities of each committee are as follows:

Finance Committee
Purpose – to administer and review the receipt and expenditure of monies of the Synod, and provide for an annual independent audit. Responsibilities – to develop and recommend a comprehensive, balanced two-part budget (Governance and Presbytery Initiatives); to recommend the per capita apportionment to support the Synod’s ecclesiastical, judicial and legislative functions.
Purpose – to provide oversight of the administration, distribution and monitoring of awards to applicants for those funds which the Synod administers. Responsibilities – to establish criteria for reviewing applications, and for refining the application procedure.
Presbytery Initiatives
Purpose – to respond to mission or program initiatives by two or more presbyteries when such initiatives will enable a more efficient and effective accomplishment of the need. Responsibilities – to determine the funding available from its budget, to determine the timing of the resource utilization, and to review and report annually on the presbyteries’ initiatives.
Purpose – to provide for the smooth operation of the Synod Assembly and its committees and staff in concert with the constitution of the PC(USA). Responsibilities – tasks include developing personnel policies and practices, assessing staffing needs and performance, reviewing presbytery minutes, and keeping current the Synod’s Standing Rules and Practices.


Executive Committee
Alice Tewell, Moderator

Administration Committee
Bill Parish, Chair
Committee on Representation
C.W. Hargrave, Moderator
Grants and Awards Committee
Tolokun Omokunde, Chair
Nominating Committee
Nancy Rowland, Chair
Presbytery Initiatives Committee
Gregory Busby, Chair
Permanent Judicial Commission
Carol Haas, Moderator
Finance Committee
Riley Burgess, Chair
Jubilee Fund
Lawrence Willis, Moderator
Speer Fund
Bill Sitterley, Moderator